Who We Are

The Spirit of Paul McGirr charity was established in 2007, ten years after Paul’s death to remember his spirited approach to life. The charity works with the community of Chainda, in Lusaka, Zambia. 

What We Do - Our Projects

The Spirit of Paul McGirr works with the Chainda community in Lusaka to design, fund and construct buildings which create safe spaces that enable community members to realise their full potential.  To date the charity has been involved in building and maintaining schools for: children up to 16 years old with special educational needs; a preschool for orphaned children and a primary school.  The current project is a secondary school, which will provide a pathway for children in the local community to progress through all stages of statutory education.


As at June 2022, the charity has sent out 16 shipping containers of equipment to Chainda; donated items in the past have included:- a Massey Ferguson tractor, paint, tiles, doors, bicycles etc, medical equipment, as well as many other smaller items, such as educational supplies, in the form of text and exercise books, stationery, school chairs, school tables, play equipment, to name but a few.


If you feel that you may be able to donate items that would contribute to our current projects - building and resourcing a secondary school and establishing a health and nutrition hub - in the Chainda community, please contact us through our Facebook page.

Community Centre

Primary School

Special Needs School

Secondary School

20th Anniversary Video

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Get in touch with us to learn more about our work and how you can get involved:

Spirit of Paul Mc Girr

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