Sports Project

Paul McGirr Sports Facility

There is a very real need for sport facilities in the area. Everyone associated with the amateur ethos of the GAA knows the value of well organised sports clubs to a community. The confidence and self esteem that team sports give young people is a valuable asset with the added benefit of taking them out of other activities.
The confidence brought about by learning and developing new skills in is something that can extend into other aspects of life. This community needs young leaders and a positive outlet for young energy. It needs themes that bond people and we don’t have to invent or design anything new - We simply transfer the principles and organisation of a typical GAA Club.
We are intending to create the pitches on an area of 200m x 200m of existing flat land with occasional protrusions of soft rock through the topsoil. The rock needs to be broken out and replaced with soil.


Football pitches
Job Breakdown
Position filled?
Break out rock and set aside for re-use Yes
Back fill voids with surplus soil from site  

Install surface water drains and back fill – site drainage

Construct and erect goalposts and line out pitches  
Erect fencing -  



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