Current Projects

Buisness Enterprise
Following the success of the Preschool Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) class, there is a financial imperative to maintain service and increase capacity in the centre to provide respite and nutritional support for another estimated 70 OVC’s in the local area.


To support this increase in numbers, we initiated the building of a business enterprise unit which will be complete and in operation in Autumn 2014.  Buildings and roofing materials were dispatched from suppliers here in Ireland by shipping container to Lusaka and several volunteers went out in Spring 2014 to roof the building.  The local tradesmen of St Theresa’s Parish, Lusaka have continued and the building is now complete.  The equipment to furnish the enterprise units is already on site and ready to be installed.  When fully operational, the enterprise unit will offer workspace for manufacturing, light industry or office-based businesses ranging from 180 square feet to 1,000 square feet.  All these businesses will be revenue making and will offer training courses to local people to help improve their employability.

Paul McGirr Sports Academy

There is a very real need for sport facilities in the area. Everyone associated with the amateur ethos of the GAA knows the value of well organised sports clubs to a community. The confidence and self-esteem that team sports give young people is a valuable asset with the added benefit of taking them out of other activities.
The confidence brought about by learning and developing new skills in is something that can extend into other aspects of life. This community needs young leaders and a positive outlet for young energy. It needs themes that bond people and we don’t have to invent or design anything new – We simply transfer the principles and organisation of a typical GAA Club!

We have created the pitches on an area of 200m x 200m of existing flat land with occasional protrusions of soft rock through the topsoil. The rock was broken out and replaced with soil.

Ready for play!