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Business Enterprise Units


The Preschool Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) class established at the Community Centre has been very successful since its inception. There are another 70 orphans and vunerable children living in the Chainda community currently unable to accces the services as we are limited by financial resources to running one session per day. To maintain the service and increase capacity (2 sessions per day) in the centre, respite and nutritional support additional sources of finance were needed.

Additionally within the Chainda community there is a lack of both employment and training opportunities.


To support the community in the supply of both of these elemtns of community life, it was agreed to construct business enterprise units. The plans were drawn up in 2012 (Click to see plans for the business enterprise unitsand submitted for planning permission to construct the units near the Community Centre. It took 2 years to achieve planning and work began on site in Spring 2014.


Watch the video of the construction phase by clicking on the picture below.


Business units in Chainda


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